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Since the OLG Hamburg and the EuGH ballpoint pen pushers act in their parallel universe, I will do my best to check the contents of websites to which I am linking to, for copyright infringements. Yet this is quite futile since link target contents change often, and even the OLG itself is said not to have guaranteed in writing that all their own links would not at all point to sources with possible aforesaid infringements. Which is no wonder since near-100% safe checking would be a fulltime job which I think no sane living being can possibly fulfill.

Blood of Heroes/Salute of the Jugger film analysis / behind the scenes

05 Jugger Why is Jugger played with a dog skull in the movie? What does the term mean, actually? Is Jugger gear weapons?

Now we get answers. Inspired by Rob Ager and others, I published a "Behind the scenes" clip on the movie that is responsible for Jugger, including some background information the screenwriter and director David Webb Peoples gave him when I worked on my first Jugger book twelve years ago.

Jugger-Roman Operation Schädeljäger: Auszug 2 online

01Literarisches: Bücher et al. 05 Jugger

[Download der Leseprobe]
[Webseite: Stand der Dinge des Projekts]

OLeseprobe Schädeljäger (PDF), Teil 2peration Schädeljäger : Die Spur der mysteriösen Jäger führt zu einem nicht minder skurrilen Sport, der sich mitten in Berlin großer Beliebtheit erfreut. Es scheint ein erster Schritt zur Lösung des Rätsels zu sein ...

Hier kommt also die zweite Leseprobe aus der laufenden Arbeit – viel Vergnügen!
Wann es weitergeht, hängt im Wesentlichen sowohl vom allgemeinen Interesse, als auch vom Interesse seitens der Verlage ab.

Thread im Jugger-Forum ⇒ hier.

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