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Järnsvenskan 2017 will come!

Järnsvenskan 2017 will take place!
Thanks to the Juggers in Lindesberg, it will happen in 2017 as well. You know the boys'n'girls from JSV 2016 (Juggerklubben Bergslagstrollen), and they were also the ones that did set up the technical stuff for the music bands – some of them even played, as Canis Lupus and R/C Sideburns. Whether it can happen at the same place as in 2016has to be seen first; depends on booking etc.
I just need to take a rest for that year, since quite a lot is going on of which I have to take care of first. Therefore, I will have to focus my energies on Järnsvenskan 2018.
I will of course be available for any questions and as a comms relay, if needed.

Oh and thanks to Ann Marie Burke for the fantastic fan-art :-) and all the Juggers who are so very fascinated that they actually minted a new name for my Swedish Jugger festival (2014–2016 we had access to the fantastic water park at Gustavsvik): #Rubenstock .
I feel deeply honoured!

Rubenstock, by Ann Marie Burke
(© Ann Marie Burke)


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